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I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found this recipe for donuts. If not for this, I would be drowning in greasy, fried donuts from the local donut shop this past month. 

Donut recipe

Every few months or so it hits me how amazing donuts are and then I go on a bit of a bender. So I’ve been baking these donuts all fall. One too many times. Ok maybe five too many times. 



American Pie

July 3, 2015

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I’m going to keep this post really short. It’s the start of the holiday weekend and there’s many things you should be doing other than reading this post. Like making this pie. And eating this pie. 


When I saw a picture of this pie from Broma Bakery show up on my Instagram feed I knew I had to make it. I loved the rustic simplicity of it. I couldn’t stop staring at it! It conjured up an image of sitting at an old wood picnic bench on a hot summer day with fireworks overhead sharing pie with friends.. That’s not how I ate the pie – in reality I enjoyed this pie while my dog and one year old daughter clawed and pulled at my leg. But, nonetheless, still a festive time. My dog was in his patriots bandana. 



Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes 

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Since I’ve gotten into food photography, I’ve been obsessed with tall stacks of fluffy pancakes. I have a fantasy of tucking a napkin in my shirt, shutting my phone off, taking my best fork and digging into my own personal tower of pancakes with syrup oozing down the sides. I have attempted to assemble a stack of pancakes many […]

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Baked Zucchini Sticks

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Today was one of those mornings I sleepily crawled back in my bed when Maya went down for her nap. Most often I use that time to work or clean myself and the house but today the sheets looked perfectly and comfortably crumpled as the sunlight peeked through my blinds, beautifully lighting up my pillow calling my head to that sunny place. I fell asleep […]

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Easy Cheesy Potato Soup

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A couple days ago we had a blizzard and I spent the day doing a little relaxing, a lot of cooking and a tiny bit of shoveling. Being snowed in during a blizzard just begs for a bowlful of soup. And nothing is more comforting than a bowl of creamy, cheesy potato soup. Except if you eat the […]

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Singapore Noodles

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So far in this short year of just 20 days, we’ve battled 2 stomach bugs, a flu and a cold. I kicked the fun off on New Year’s Day by laying motionless in bed all day trying to avoid vomiting. Even though I watched the ball drop through burning tired eyes in bed while Marc snored […]

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Cream Filled Chocolate Cake Cookie Sandwiches

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So I am cramming in a blog post while sitting between piles of unwrapped gifts and with a small shopping list staring at me from the coffee table. I can just never seem to get all my shopping down without having to run to a mall in the couple days before Christmas. No matter how early I […]

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Homemade Whipped Cream

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What’s your biggest indulgence during the holiday season? I have so many but one of my favorites is whipped cream. I love adding whipped cream to my food and drinks. I think it makes everything so festive. I add it to hot chocolate, kahlua/baileys and my coffee. I put it on cookies/cakes, fruits and I occassionally just spoon the cream […]

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Beer Glazed Carrots

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I’m less than two days away from hosting my fourth Thanksgiving. It’s probably the most grown up thing I do.  It also means I’m two days away from being panicked running around my kitchen cursing lack of counter space and decent serving bowls. But this year will be different because I promised myself I would simplify.  No one should have to experience kitchen […]

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Sloppy Joe Cheddar Pie

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For a long time, particularly in my school days, sloppy joes conjured up images of mysterious ground meat drowning in a sauce. At some point between college and now I began to love them. One night, to my horror, my dad announced he was making sloppy joes. I reluctantly tried them and was surprised when I thought they were delicious.  That […]

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