Blueberry Banana Puree

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This is probably Maya’s favorite breakfast and she has this almost every morning. I use the combination of two bananas and one cup of blueberries but you can change this ratio. I really enjoy making this because it makes a beautiful color and it’s delicious. Sometimes I steal a spoonful.   I like to use […]

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Mango Yogurt

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I recently introduced Maya to yogurt at 7 months. I like to mix it with fruits or cereal. Mangoes are popular in our house so I often steam them and add it to organic whole milk plain yogurt. Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and are pretty easy to find fresh in the supermarket. You could also buy bags […]

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Pureed Beets

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My Dad grows beets in his garden and bestowed a beautiful bundle of beets upon me at the end of the summer. I just had to share them with Maya. I’m always looking for new baby food to give her. I wouldn’t say she loved them but she did eat them. You can mix the […]

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