Baked Zucchini Sticks

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Today was one of those mornings I sleepily crawled back in my bed when Maya went down for her nap. Most often I use that time to work or clean myself and the house but today the sheets looked perfectly and comfortably crumpled as the sunlight peeked through my blinds, beautifully lighting up my pillow calling my head to that sunny place. I fell asleep […]

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Beer Glazed Carrots

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I’m less than two days away from hosting my fourth Thanksgiving. It’s probably the most grown up thing I do.  It also means I’m two days away from being panicked running around my kitchen cursing lack of counter space and decent serving bowls. But this year will be different because I promised myself I would simplify.  No one should have to experience kitchen […]

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Spicy Garlic Brussel Sprouts

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I haven’t blogged in about 6 months a.k.a. one half of a year! I also just celebrated my baby girl’s 6 month birthday. And not coincidentally it’s also the 6 month anniversary of the last time I saw the bottom of the laundry basket. A baby definitely tips your life upside down! I’m working part-time from home now and spending most […]

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Cheddar Chicken Risotto

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Happy New Year! I don’t have a resolution and I’m OK with that. I think it’s nice to just let yourself be. One way to feel good about the new year though is to make this risotto. You will feel really good while you eat it, I promise. And if you’re resolution is to […]

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Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage and Baked Eggs

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They say you reach a time in your life where your weekends become about trips to Home Depot and getting exciting things like household appliances for Christmas is joyful. I always dreaded reaching this point but this weekend I got myself a cast iron skillet for an early Christmas gift and found myself in Home […]

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Cranberry Sauce with Rosemary and Clementine

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You may already have your Thanksgiving menu set in which case you probably will cringe at the thought of adding in one more recipe. But if you’re like me and don’t have it all set then you really should sneak in this quick and tasty side dish. I promise you will never buy jellied cranberry […]

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Chipotle Mayonnaise (aioli)

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Tomorrow we are packing our Jeep and heading up the coast of Maine, hopefully making it all the way to Bar Harbor. I say hopefully primarily because the Jeep we are driving has 200,000 miles and is from 1994. I’m pretty much shocked every time it makes it to the local convenient store. But we […]

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Grilled Cajun Corn with Bacon

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What happens when you add bacon to anything? It automatically becomes delicious! Right? Take corn. Nothing against it but I don’t sit around thinking about the next time I get to have a taste of corn like I do with potato salad, mashed potatoes, hash browns… (I have a potato addiction). But add some bacon […]

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Lemon Lavender Biscuits

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, especially mine. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Just this week she made me soup and came over to help me tidy up my kitchen because I was super sick with strep all week. Thank you mom!! My husband and I are hosting […]

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