Baked Chocolate Frosted Donuts

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I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found this recipe for donuts. If not for this, I would be drowning in greasy, fried donuts from the local donut shop this past month.  Every few months or so it hits me how amazing donuts are and then I go on a bit of […]

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American Pie

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I’m going to keep this post really short. It’s the start of the holiday weekend and there’s many things you should be doing other than reading this post. Like making this pie. And eating this pie.  When I saw a picture of this pie from Broma Bakery show up on my Instagram feed I knew I had […]

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Cream Filled Chocolate Cake Cookie Sandwiches

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So I am cramming in a blog post while sitting between piles of unwrapped gifts and with a small shopping list staring at me from the coffee table. I can just never seem to get all my shopping down without having to run to a mall in the couple days before Christmas. No matter how early I […]

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Homemade Whipped Cream

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What’s your biggest indulgence during the holiday season? I have so many but one of my favorites is whipped cream. I love adding whipped cream to my food and drinks. I think it makes everything so festive. I add it to hot chocolate, kahlua/baileys and my coffee. I put it on cookies/cakes, fruits and I occassionally just spoon the cream […]

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Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Muffins have never been my choice as far as baked goods go. I usually prefer a donut or a brownie or anything extremely chocolatey.  But strangely muffins were one of my major pregnancy cravings. One cold, snowy morning I was woken out of my sleep with an enormously overpowering desire for chocolate chip muffins. I could not shake it […]

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Healthier Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Bars

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It’s hard to be healthy when all you crave is baked goods. At 38 weeks pregnant all I want are sweets. After what has definitely been one too many donuts and muffins I decided it’s time to figure out a healthier solution. I found this recipe and it’s great. It uses coconut oil and it’s full of oatmeal and dark chocolate. Less calories […]

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Chocolate Triple Layer Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

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I love myself a cake. Especially a good layer cake. Fluffy layers separated by clouds of creamy filling, that’s really where it’s at. That’s why I especially like the look of a naked layer cake. You can see all of this delicious beauty from the outside. This cake is a combo of a fully frosted […]

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S’more Brownies

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Not many know this but the Aristotle quote  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” was  inspired by a s’more. At least in my world.  A marshmallow on its own – I will pooh-pooh you and throw you in the trash. A marshmallow in a s’more- I love you. It adds the […]

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Simple & Quick Apple Tart

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When you think you don’t have time to bake you just might. Maybe. But this recipe really takes all the excuses away because if you have 15 minutes you can make this. I love this  recipe because I feel accomplished like I baked something beautiful but then maybe feel a little guilty because it was […]

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Homemade Hostess Cupcakes

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Happy birthday America! I didn’t create anything red, white and blue for the occasion, but I did make a batch of Hostess style cupcakes. They are America’s favorite snack cake, so really what better food  to commemorate America’s birthday. The Hostess cupcake was created in 1919 and the first two cupcakes sold for five cents. […]

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