Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes 

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Since I’ve gotten into food photography, I’ve been obsessed with tall stacks of fluffy pancakes. I have a fantasy of tucking a napkin in my shirt, shutting my phone off, taking my best fork and digging into my own personal tower of pancakes with syrup oozing down the sides. I have attempted to assemble a stack of pancakes many […]

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Baked Zucchini Sticks

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Today was one of those mornings I sleepily crawled back in my bed when Maya went down for her nap. Most often I use that time to work or clean myself and the house but today the sheets looked perfectly and comfortably crumpled as the sunlight peeked through my blinds, beautifully lighting up my pillow calling my head to that sunny place. I fell asleep […]

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Pear Pineapple Smoothie

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Just sitting here drinking my pear smoothie and mourning the loss of fall. Since when did the Christmas season begin on November 1? I saw three Christmas commercials the last half hour and my hometown  has lights and wreaths hung in the town center.  Is everyone skipping right over Thanksgiving, the biggest food holiday of the year?  It’s very […]

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Healthier Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Bars

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It’s hard to be healthy when all you crave is baked goods. At 38 weeks pregnant all I want are sweets. After what has definitely been one too many donuts and muffins I decided it’s time to figure out a healthier solution. I found this recipe and it’s great. It uses coconut oil and it’s full of oatmeal and dark chocolate. Less calories […]

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